When Things Frightful Came to Visit


What are the things that keep you up at night?
Those things when you close your eyes, you are filled with fright?

You know, those things when you rest your weary head,
And all of a sudden you are filled with dread.

The things that the darkness of night make seem all the more real,
And a peaceful night’s sleep steal.

Just remember,
These thoughts don’t have to last forever.

Close your eyes,
And give yourself something better to visualize.

Replace those thoughts that are not happy,
With something that would make you laugh.

After all, life’s too short,
To think about things that would make you fall apart.

In fact, you have nothing to gain,
By staying up at night thinking of things that give you pain.

Here’s a dare.
Stop dancing with thoughts that give you a scare.

Life can be delightful,
If you stop focusing on the frightful.

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New Jersey native living in Florida, hoping not to scare you too much. I hope my posts entertain you when you can't sleep at night and give you something to give you to think about when you're bored.

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