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The Worst Horror Clichés

Scream — No Bars

A tongue-in-cheek poll of the worst horror clichés:

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Illustration by Wesley Boyd.

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  • Nico

    When finally someone believes the victim it gets wacked. Also whats up with hiding in closets come on. that looks like apple crates wood! great site mr orange (reservoir pun intended)

  • Thank you Mr. Pink.

  • Michael M

    The car scares is the only one that bugs me, especially when the cat is coming from some place it couldn’t possible have gotten to on its own. Inside a linen closet?! Haha! Most of the rest can be explained as characters panicking and just not thinking clearly as a result, which happens often enough in real life. I’ve found myself going outside the house to investigate strange noises before without even thinking it could be something more dangerous.

  • Levi Bushue

    When the car won’t start, especially when it worked just fine earlier…