The Suicide of Rachel Foster Review

As much of a blast as AAA titles can be, I actually enjoy indie walking simulators more.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster 13

The Suicide of Rachel Foster is more of a slow burn than any other walking simulator I’ve played. It never reveals itself with anything overtly demonstrating that it’s based in a non-supernatural, supernatural, or psychological reality, and it’s of my personal opinion that it’s all three. You’ll have to play to decide for yourself.

These games often rely heavily on dialogue, and I’m happy to say that I enjoyed the voice-acting here a lot, which is important to liking and caring about the characters. I thought I recognized the actors, but again, my mind was playing tricks on me.

The setting of the story is essentially The Overlook Hotel from The Shining, and I really liked being there. It was a surprisingly warm and comfortable place to be, and you can spend as much time as you like exploring. There are many places you’ll only see through exploration as the story won’t take you everywhere.

While there were a handful of clichés throughout (which there’s nothing necessarily wrong with and they may have been red herrings anyway), the story was pretty interesting and the writing clever. They managed to trick me a few times, and I didn’t expect the reveal of the who, what, and why.

There were a few times that I jumped, but I would definitely not call this a scary game. It’s more about the mystery and unraveling the story than it is putting you into a panic, which as much as I love to be forced into deep terror, was a delightful change of pace and breath of fresh air.

If you like these types of games, at $20, it’s an easy recommend. If you get bored or frustrated without the ability to wield weapons and kill things, you should skip it.

Snaps of My Journey Through the Game

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