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Let’s Play Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor Mask

In the Bay Area of California, the live performance world has completely shut down. I work(ed) full-time as a contortionist, so I hung up my dancing shoes and spent the last couple of months developing the perfect spooky accessory.

Behold the Covid-19 unfriendly Plague Doctor Mask! Based on the protective uniform attributed to 17th century French doctor Charles De Lorme, this modern Plague Doctor mask is three layers of black broadcloth cotton, held on by two modular elastic loops and fitted with a wired nose bridge.

Plague Doctor masks were developed to protect from miasma or a pre-germ theory “poisonous vapor” supposedly given off by rotting flesh and existing in night air. De Lorme’s ghoulish mask was stuffed with herbs to guard against the horrifying stench of the Medieval world and paired with chic goggles as a first layer of protection from this noxious vapor and I have to say, I love the look.

Halloween is not just my favorite holiday, it’s the time of the year when I get to perform at fancy haunted mansions, gritty underground bars, and packed warehouses covered in blood, gore, and crazy costumes… it’s also my birthday.

This year I might not even leave the block on my high, holy holiday, but you’ll certainly spot me at the grocery store looking fly and ensuring plenty of personal space with my newest creation. You can purchase the mask from my Etsy store or keep an eye out for the pattern, available mid-September, so you can construct your own fantastic mask.

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