The Scariest Movie Scenes with Horses (sponsored)

The Cell Horse

Millions of people adore horses. Some lovers watch tournaments and look for horse racing cards to place bets. Yet, others enjoy movies with them. You can see horses in comedies or cartoons, but there are also lots of horrors with these creatures. Here are 3 scary films with horses.

The Drowned Horse in The Ring

If you love horror, you surely remember this moment on the ferry. A horse on the ferry becomes spooked and smashes the cage it’s in. It then jumps overboard and dies. This scene plays a huge role in this legendary movie. Anna Morgen is a horse breeder, and this woman commits suicide after the animal’s death. This part of the movie takes place when Rachel visits Anna’s widower. You won’t see much blood while watching the scene. Yet, you will definitely be thrilled with this moment.

The Sliced Up Horse in The Cell

Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn are the main actors in The Cell. Once Catherine comes to the room with a horse in it, the next moment, panels of glass start falling, and this animal is cut up into layered pieces. One interesting fact about this scene is that the horse’s organs are still working when the woman comes to it. You will surely enjoy not only this moment, but the overall movie as lots of other horror fans do. It earned more than $100 million even though its budget was only $34 million.

The Zombie-eaten Horse in The Walking Dead

This zombie TV show is full of scary scenes, and this one is worth watching. During the first episode, Rick Grimes comes to the town with a horse. Yet, they are noticed by zombies who decide to eat the animal. Some fans find this scene to be the most spectacular one.

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