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The Lesser-known “Masters of Science Fiction”

Masters of Science Fiction

We all know about Masters of Horror, the cool horror anthology idea where the creators and producers gave a group of horror writers and directors their own episode where they could pretty much do whatever they wanted with it, within budget of course and within reason on the amount of nudity and violence they could show (most of these rules later imposed by Showtime).

However, what I didn’t know and I suspect many of you didn’t either, was that they put the idea to the test for another genre in Masters of Science Fiction, this time, released on ABC, which may have been part of its demise. Despite having filmed 6 episodes, only 4 ever made it to the network. However, all 6 are now available on DVD.

I think the quality of talent and production for MoSF was every bit as good as with MoH, it just wasn’t released on the right network or given enough promotion or time to build an audience. After watching all 6 episodes last night, I’d have to say, for me, the episode “Little Brother“, where in the future courtrooms are run by artificial intelligence, is my favorite.

It would have been interesting to see if they tackled other genres too, but for the most part, the whole “Masters of” series appears to be defunct since 2007.

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