The Horror of New Orleans

Mardi Gras is upon us which doesn’t amount to much if we don’t live in New Orleans, but good news! You too can celebrate the mystery and beauty of this beloved city right from your couch by tuning into horror movies that were filmed in the City of the Dead.

1. Dracula 2000

Everything about N’awlens screams vampire movie so lets start with this little diamond in the rough. Dracula 2000 is about a group of people who unwittingly release the Count who then travels to New Orleans in search of Mary Van Helsing. Maybe it isn’t the most fantastic vampire film, but I really loved the ending and the explanation of where Dracula started.

Dracula 2000

2. The Skeleton Key

A hospice nurse finds herself knee deep in a mystery while working on a plantation. Hoodoo, magic, and scary attics. Whats not to love?! Lots of nice jumps and thrills in this one, and the imagery is pretty fantastic, too.

Skeleton Key

3. Zombie! vs Mardi Gras

I have never seen this film and I don’t know that I ever will. So I’m just going to leave this one right here. If it’s awful we can pretend like it never happened.

Zombie! vs Mardi Gras

4. Horror Anthology Movie Volume One

This is a collection of six tales set in Louisiana and Mississippi. Anthologies are generally fun to watch. There’s little commitment to be up for an entire film, but all the joy of being scared out of your pants!

Horror Anthology Movie Volume One

5. Cat People

Let’s go back a little bit to Cat People, the 1982 film about a woman who has this terrible urge to change into a black leopard. This is one of those films I’d stare at the cover of in the movie store every Saturday. Filmed in New Orleans AND in the 80’s? This had to be on the list!

Cat People

Grab an oversized slice of King cake, curl up on the couch and pop in one of these gems. It will transport you directly into the magical city of New Orleans, or at least make you sleep with the light on.

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