The Best Horror Games of 2020 (sponsored)

Immortal Romance

Canadians love their games, and more than half of the population identifies as a gamer. The most popular game genres in Canada are action-adventure, family games, and shooter games, but horror-themed games have a steady fanbase as well.

The dark autumn and winter nights of Canada provide an ideal backdrop for scaring yourself silly with horror games. Scary themes add a layer of excitement to both video games and online slots, both of which are widely enjoyed by Canadian players.

We have tested out new horror games as well as a few classics together with Lucas Goldberg, who is an expert in gambling strategies. You can read more about Lucas here.

Horror-Themed Online Slot Games

Gamblers get to enjoy that extra thrill of getting scared while playing with real money because horror is a popular genre in its own right, also in the world of the slot machines. When looking for the best scary slots, you should first check out a casino comparison site like Casino Canada to find the best online casino for you. Then it is time to choose the horror-themed slot game of your preference!

One of the most popular slot games ever is Immortal Romance slot that was released by Microgaming back in 2011. Considering the typical life cycle of a video slot, this vampire-themed game is practically ancient, yet it is still played widely around the world. The action-packed slot comes with a dark tale of supernatural love, multiple bonus games, wild symbols, and more to keep your heart rate up!

Another iconic scary slot is Blood Suckers, released by NetEnt in 2009. As you might guess from the name, this slot is also riddled with vampires. It features an unusually high RTP of 98%, which together with its free spin function and bonus game have contributed to its continuing success. The game proved so popular that it earned an equally terrifying sequel in 2017.

Are vampires not your thing? How about some zombie action in for example the Zombie Rush Deluxe slot machine from Leander Games, or Alaxe in Zombieland by Genesis Gaming? If you happen to prefer creepy clowns, step into a horrifying carnival and spin the reels in Creepy Carnival by Nolimit City. Greentube has developed a whole series of horror-themed slots called Tales of Darkness, in which you get to try your luck against werewolves and vampires. All these terrifying slots are available for Canadian players at selected casinos, so get spinning and get some blood-curdling wins!

Best Horror Games PC and Console

There are plenty of horror-themed games available for both PC and console. The Japanese gaming companies are particularly known for horror games, as the pioneers of the genre, Silent Hill and Resident Evil both have Japanese origins. Silent Hill has grown into a franchise that includes eight main games, various spin-off games, as well as two movies. The Resident Evil game series then again includes seven games, and the franchise has expanded to include six movies, animation films, TV series, as well as comic books and novels.

If you enjoy a dystopian landscape full of mutants and cannibals, check out the Metro game series, which is based on a novel by Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. Those looking for some psychological horror should play the Finnish game company Remedy Entertainment’s best game Alan Wake, which has often been compared to Twin Peaks. Canada’s game industry is booming, and there are many great Canadian-made video games out there. Who knows, maybe the next great horror game will come from Canada!

For the Love of Horror

So why do we enjoy scary movies and scary games? Surely it would make sense to try and avoid feelings like fear and disgust whenever possible. However, that’s not how human psychology works. We love horror stories for many reasons; the adrenaline rush that you get when scared can flood your brain with feel-good hormones: dopamine and endorphins. Also, even though you might feel terrified while watching a horror movie or playing a scary game, deep down you know that you are safe anyway, which gives you a feeling of satisfaction.

Horror movies and games also help you prepare for the worst — should that zombie apocalypse actually happen, you have already practiced some survival mechanisms through gameplay. Apart from all that, you also get to explore your dark side, which may not have an outlet in your daily life otherwise.


There is something deeply satisfying in playing a terrifying game and surviving — whether we are talking about a video game or a real-money slot. Those who enjoy an extra thrill while playing have plenty to choose from, as monsters, vampires and zombies are often seen on the reels of the slots or the screens of the video games.

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