The 12th Annual Rondo Awards

Since 2003, the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards has been recognizing great work in various horror fields. Each of the categories are presented and picked by fans of the genre. Not only is it a great way to applaud your favorite horror makers, but it’s also a great way to catch up on what’s been going on in horror. Looking at the list of Rondo Award categories may leave you with a few things you need to watch, read, listen to or attend.

Rondo Awards

The process is simple. Visit the website and email your favorites. All of the directions are clear on the website, so make sure to read the few paragraphs before you begin choosing.

Categories are as follows:
Best Movie
Best Television Presentation
Best Classic DVD/BluRay
Best DVD/BluRay Collection
Best Restoration
Best Commentary
Best DVD Extra
Best Documentary
Best Independent Film
Best Short Film
Best Book
Best Magazine
Best Article
Best Interview
Best Themed Issue
Best Magazine Column
Best Magazine Cover
Best Website
Best Blog
Best Convention
Best Fan Event
Best Horror Comic
Best Multimedia Horror
Favorite Horror Host
Best CD
Best Toy, Model or Collectible

After that are a slew of write in where you can nominate people for such awards as Artist of the Year or International Monster Fan.

I Voted Sticker

While I admit that I haven’t been exposed to all of the material nominated, I will give you a little peak into some of my front runners for this competition.

My favorite for Best restoration goes to The Monster Club, Best Documentary goes to Vampira and Me and favorite Horror Convention is Days of the Dead.

Check out the site and vote for your favorites. These are the people who keep our cups overflowing with bloody goodness. Let’s celebrate those who bring horror into our lives!

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