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VHS Visions: Treasure Hunting for Horror Promo Sleeves and Press Releases!

This past weekend saw my home town once again welcome the ONLY convention that reaches this corner of the UK – Dev-Con. It’s primarily a Sci-Fi and comic book gathering with plenty of dealers and the occasional guest who appeared in Star Wars for about ten seconds, but to a horror fan like myself there

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Book Review: VHS Video Cover Art

There was a time when the beer I drank was entirely dependent on how cheap it was, but as I’ve grown older and wiser, I’ve become somewhat of a budding craft beer aficionado. On weekends I can often be found at my local beer distributor, spending way too much time (and money) perusing the vast


The Most Awesome Images of the Week: 3/16-3/20

We’ve reached the end of another week – thank god! – which means it’s time to once again take a look at the coolest, weirdest and/or most awesome images I’ve stumbled across on the internet this week. So let’s get right to it, shall we?! When I woke up this morning and checked my phone,