Halloween Hate

It is a movie title that inspires near instant anger when it is mentioned. Purists tear it down every chance they can get. Few will say it is actually a good movie. There are some out there, however, who understand that it is not only a good film, but actually a very creative and original

Horror Icons in Space – Leprechaun 4

It’s often said by fans that outer space is where horror franchises go to die, and the film that’s typically cited as evidence of that statement is of course Jason X. But the Friday the 13th franchise wasn’t the only one to take a rocket ship to the stars, and it certainly wasn’t the first.

The Coolest Horror Movie Promotional Items: Part One

As those who know me can attest, I am an absolute fiend for promotional movie items – particularly, given my love affair with the genre, those pertaining to horror movies. Sometimes handed out at theaters or conventions but typically only found for sale on eBay, these unique items often serve as memorabilia for films that

Movie Review – Leprechaun: Origins

If I were to mention the Leprechaun franchise to you and ask for the first thing to pop into your mind, you’d likely conjure up an image of Warwick Davis bouncing on a victim’s corpse with a pogo stick or killing a dude with a bong. And it’s precisely that sort of silliness that you’ll

Five Awesome Items On Sale From The Prop Store

On Christmas morning a few years back, my brother gifted me with a blood-stained bathrobe, which turned out to be a screen used costume from Quarantine, the 2008 remake of the Spanish horror film REC. The highly unique gift was my introduction to The Prop Store, which houses the largest and most impressive collection of