Dark Was the Night


Five 2015 Horror Gems You Might Have Missed

As the internet horror community reflects on the best movies that were released this past year, you can expect a whole lot of (justified) praise for films like It Follows, Spring, The Final Girls, and Krampus. Those four films easily represent the cream of the 2015 horror crop, and other favorites like We Are Still


Five of 2015’s Best Horror Movie Performances

Now that Halloween has passed and the calendar has switched over to November, it’s getting to be that time where we reflect on the year’s horror offerings. I suppose I’m jumping the gun a bit here, as there are two months of 2015 still left, but with nearly all the major horror releases already, well,


Movie Review: Dark Was the Night (2015)

The majority of monster movies that have come out in the last several years have been exports of Syfy’s increasingly nauseating stupidity machine, and the focus of those B-movies is typically placed on laughable creatures, one-dimensional characters, and intentionally poor storytelling. Thankfully, those are three qualities found in the network’s output that are not found