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Pre-order the WNUF Halloween Special Sequel Now!

If you never saw the first WNUF Halloween Special, remedy that immediately (or we’ll revoke your Halloween fan card): Watch on Amazon (it was available on Netflix and Shudder previously, but Amazon is the easiest remaining option now) Then, after you finish watching it and inevitably love it, or if you were already a fan


Interview with Chris LaMartina: Creator of WNUF Halloween Special

For non-lovers of Halloween and horror, it’s difficult to describe the appeal. Their misconceptions can run wild from us simply being sick, to something actually being wrong with us, that we might emulate what we see on the screen as if the movies we watch are guidebooks on “How to Murder”. The truth that we


WNUF Halloween Special: Guaranteed to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

There are a handful of horror movies and television episodes that I consider must-watches every Halloween season, from John Carpenter’s Halloween to Halloween 3: Season of the Witch, Trick ‘r Treat to Roseanne‘s many Halloween specials. It just doesn’t feel like Halloween until I revisit festive favorites such as those, and this year I’m happy


Movie Review: Call Girl of Cthulhu

There’s nothing I love more than Kickstarter success stories, particularly when it comes to horror films. Though being beaten over the head with Kickstarter funds admittedly gets a little annoying sometimes, it’s nevertheless awesome to see a young filmmaker use the platform to make a movie he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to, which is