M. Night Shyamalan: The Best Working Horror Director (For Child Actors)

Once hailed as “The Next Spielberg,” M. Night Shyamalan has become somewhat synonymous with disappointing failure. He came onto the scene with the arguably universally adored The Sixth Sense, but many fear his directorial prowess stopped there. Films like Unbreakable and Signs have their respective fanbases, but the failures of Lady in the Water, The


Flash Fiction: The Fairy People

Jakob had been telling me about the fairy people for weeks, but I’d always assumed it was the fruit of an overactive imagination. Every night, he’d ask me if the fairy people were coming. I remember it so distinctly, “Daddy? Are the fairy people gonna come tonight?” I let the words echo in my head.


Flash Fiction: Hide and Seek

A piece of flash fiction all about fun and games… “Turning out the lights!” I called, before flicking the switch and plunging the room into darkness. No lights emanated throughout the entire house except the comforting glow of an occasional clock, and no sounds reached her ears save the hum of the heater and the