Stuck at Home for Halloween? Here are 5 FREE Online Games Guaranteed to Keep You Scared on October 31st (sponsored)

Escape the Dungeon

This Halloween looks a little different compared to previous years. More people are staying home versus trick-or-treating as COVID-19 continues to challenge communities in the U.S. In fact, only one-third plan to go trick-or-treating as they normally would, according to a survey from ApartmentGuide.com. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate or have a spooky and scary Halloween holiday.

One of the best ways to enjoy Halloween from the comfort of your home? Video games. And you can access some truly terrifying and hair-raising games without having to spend any money at all.

Today, Addicting Games, the largest online games site in the US, has released a roundup of its top 5 scariest games, according to traffic. Each game is 100% FREE to play.

If you’re stuck at home on October 31st, turn off the lights and turn up the volume for these bone-chilling games, where you can take on zombies, ghosts, monsters, aliens, and haunted houses. Check these games out today!

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1. Escape the Dungeon

Escape the Dungeon is a narrative-driven puzzle game. Players will be forced into a “choose your own adventure” playstyle if they wish to make it out of the dungeon alive. After being poisoned by a mad scientist and locked in a dark prison, players will have 10 minutes to figure out how to escape. Fail to figure the puzzle out within that time limit and the game ends, meaning players will have to be quick-witted and think on their feet if they hope to survive.

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2. I Saw Her Standing There

I Saw Her Standing There is a classic love story with an unconventional spin. Boy loves girl. Girl’s a zombie. Now boy must brave the perils of undead swarms and bottomless pits while keeping his caged zombified princess safe. If you’re looking for a fun platformer with a macabre romantic twist, I Saw Her Standing There is a must play.

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3. Zombie Arena

Zombie Arena is an arena game where you start off with nothing but a flashlight, a knife, and a chainsaw and then have to collect weapons like a grenade launcher, an AK, and a Samurai sword in order to cut down and destroy the encroaching zombie hordes. Do not go quietly into that zombie arena, you must rage, rage, rage against the decrepit, brain-eaters of the world!

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4. Forgotten Hill Disillusion: The Library

Forgotten Hill Disillusion: The Library is an escape game that will both creep you out and keep you scratching your head. Enter this frightening library with disturbing employees and other unusual events that you won’t be able to explain. Try to stay alive as you probe and keep notes regarding the many mysteries in this unusual library. Can you survive this escape game?

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5. Bermuda Escape

Bermuda Escape is a unique adventure game where your objective is to find your way out of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. We’ve all heard the horror stories and now you’re living it. You’re shipwrecked and need to explore this forbidden zone to make it out alive. Use your dive gear before you drown with the sinking ship and then swim through the ocean to find help. Venture through the deep green sea and search around to uncover strange books, creatures, and items!

Visit addictinggames.com to play! Addicting Games provides the largest library of free online games, including action games, sports games, puzzle games, escape games, IO games, mobile games, and many more. They release new games every Thursday and update features daily based on what’s trending and what users are talking about.

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