Slap Band Glassware by Iconic Concepts Review

Halloween Slap Bands

We all remember slap bands when were kids, those Airheads-shaped colorful bands that you could slap around you and your friend’s wrists over and over in a habitual manner as hyper kids tend to do. I remember them specifically from the Scholastic Book Fairs of elementary school where we’d find all sorts of Halloween-themed goodies: books, bookmarks, pencils, candy, and toys (including of course, slap bands).

Iconic Concepts has updated the idea a bit for big kids, that is, of the alcohol-drinking variety. When I first heard of it, my initial thoughts actually weren’t of having fun themed glasses for parties, but its practical use for keeping track of your drink. We all have our little tricks for keeping track of our drinks so we’re not grabbing other people’s drinks or vice versa, but slap bands seem like a pretty legitimate use for such a task that I’m not sure even its creators had considered just yet.

While the application here could include children as well, keep in mind that these are quality, thick beer glasses, not cheap plastic. So, while it might be fun to let the kids play with the slap bands (I’d even encourage it), I’d wait for a children-targeted version made with: plastic, lids, and maybe even fun themed silly straws.

In terms of adult Halloween parties, do I recommend this Halloween slap band glassware for your liquor-holding needs? I do. I think they’re great. You can:

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Since I celebrate Halloween all year-round, my set won’t be getting tucked away into the special occasions cupboard, but the main one with my other glasses. Outside of Halloween, there are several other holidays and occasions covered as well.

Heads up, you can actually enter the giveaway for a chance to win the full collection of this Halloween glassware.

If you’re driving this Halloween season, drink responsibly, if not, feel free to drink irresponsibly and make an ass of yourself!

Slap Bands Glassware

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