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Send a Hug with Ghosthug

Ghost Hug by chibird

As an extremely independent loner myself, it’s hard to admit that I need other people sometimes. The truth is, while we all need each other, our needs are different from one-another. Some people need a lot of friends and family around them in real life, along with the affection and human touch that generally comes with; some people, are content with the companionship of a dog or cat; and some people, like myself, spend most of their time alone because we require little to no physical contact with others at all.

That said, we’re never really alone. We still enjoy movies, and music, and other forms of art, which we definitely need other people for. And while it’s not as direct, it’s still very much a kind of communication, even affection. Putting the business part of it aside, when a writer or director pour their heart into a project, for example, it’s not an act of selfishness; it’s an act of communication with the audience. They’re revealing themselves to you and asking you to play with them, to accept them, to love them.

We all need connection, even if it’s just for someone to acknowledge that we exist, even if it’s to do something that many people might make fun of for being childish or frivolous, like sending someone a virtual smile in the form of an emoji or a virtual hug, in the form of an animated GIF. There are valid arguments for how the digital world can have negative impacts on society, but for some of us, it actually creates an avenue to connect with like-minded people we may never have been able to find otherwise.

Maybe it can’t release as many endorphins as a real hug, but for some of us, it’s the best we got, and that’s a-okay with me:

Send a Hug

Give it a try and please comment below if you have any feedback for making it better.

Thanks to @SpookyladySD for the inspiration and chibird for the great ghost design!

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