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Did You Spot The Twilight Zone Easter Egg?

Twilight Zone Gremlin Easter Egg

Tonight’s episode of The Twilight Zone, “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet,” which has been told a few times now, was unsurprisingly a great episode.

Unlike previous tellings of this story (originally written by one of my favorites, Richard Matheson), it wasn’t a gremlin on the wing of the plane that took it down this time, but the paranoia of a white man who suspects everyone, but himself, as being the cause of the problem.

As rich in social and racial commentary as the episode is and as many of The Twilight Zone episodes have been and will be, they also made sure to pay homage to the original for us geeks, with a washed up doll in the form of the gremlin from the classic 1963 episode, “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet.”

Side note, my favorite version of this story is actually from Twilight Zone: The Movie:

Absolutely terrifying.

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