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Creepy Story Contest — $100 Prize


The short story “The Hoi” is the winner of the creepy story contest. Congrats!

How to Enter

Whether it’s a true story or only fiction, submit your original creepy story to:


Winner Selection

As a team, we’ll vote on the story we thought was the creepiest, and one submission will be selected and announced as the winner, on April 30th.


The winner will receive $100 via PayPal or an Amazon gift card.


What does original mean?
It means that you wrote it yourself, that you’re sharing a true story that happened to you or writing a creative fiction from your own mind.

Are there any word-count, style, or format requirements?
No. Creativity and originality are all that are required.

Is there a limit to how many stories I can submit?
No. CreepyChronicles welcomes everyone and as much original content as they would like to submit, beyond this contest as well of course. In terms of this contest, however, we’re not picking from writers, we’re picking from the pool of all submitted content.

Any other questions or concerns?
Please email me or comment below.

That’s it! Have fun and good luck everyone!

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