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Rosemary’s Baby (TV Movie)

Rosemary's Baby (TV)

Not bad, not good, just pointless.

Rosemary’s Baby (2014), to the shock of no one I’m sure, comes no where near the atmosphere, melancholy, and greatness of the original classic.

I don’t even have a default position of prejudging remakes, I enjoy plenty of remakes. I also have no complaints about this particular remake, other than it didn’t really re-imagine anything. The acting was good, the pacing was fine, again, it was just pointless.

It’s sort of like when you say something at a party and then someone immediately repeats what you just said and the reaction is always “I just said that.” (with a tone of why are you repeating what I just said, it adds no value whatsoever to repeat it).

That’s what we have here.

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