Review of Canterberry Gifts Halloween Gift Basket

Canterberry Gifts Halloween Basket

Sometimes when I host giveaways, like in the case of the current Halloween gift basket giveaway that I’m hosting, I think “Hey, I kind of want one of those too :(.” After all, I’m just a fan as well and like to get in on the fun.

So, I asked Canterberry Gifts if they’d send me one so I could check it out. They all look really cool and fun, but I went with the one that appeared to have the most candy, “No Tricks Just Treats.” 🍬

I’m not sure if I chose wisely…

Indiana Jones — Choose Wisely

But, I was very happy with my selection. Some of them come with toys, games, and other odds and ends, but I just wanted the treats and the candy bucket. It’s a very unique and eclectic variety of candy, chocolate, cookies, sour gummies, popcorn, and even cotton candy (I didn’t know you could get cotton candy in a bag or my inner-child forgot?). It even came with some new candy like the new M&M Caramels.

All the candy was fresh, the packaging was well-sealed, and everything arrived very quickly. I thought the way they included an optional gift message was pretty clever too. All-in-all, I really don’t have any complaints. I could imagine that some people would complain about the difficulty in dismantling it, as all the candy packages are taped together. However, seeing as a gift basket is very much about arrangement and presentation, I’m not sure what the alternative is?

Concerning price, these possibly might be on the higher-end (I’m no expert). Obviously, you’re going to find better deals on Amazon, but at a glance, it didn’t look like many of the gift baskets over there were as fun, meaning they’re more like care packages (a bunch of stuff crammed into a box), than fun presentations. And that’s what it’s all about. If you just wanted a bucket of candy, obviously going to the grocery store is going to be a great deal cheaper.

The emphasis here should of course be on the word gift. Canterberry Gifts, from the website, to the product, to the delivery, appears to be about quality over quantity. It’s very much a specialty service, where they do one thing and do it very well. I’m not sure ordering these for yourself would have much value (though it would be great to get one as a surprise), but ordering them for your kids, your friends, family that live in another state, etc. would.

If you’re living on a budget, no, go to the grocery store and buy a $5-$10 bag of candy. If you’re good with buying premium gifts for friends and family, yes, go buy some candy at the store anyway, but then, also grab one of these gift baskets. They’re great and it’s an easy recommend.

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