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Put a Ghost in that Window Contest


The winner is Entry #4 by Susan Watters. Congrats!

How to Enter

  • Step #1: Download the image.
  • Step #2: Photoshop a ghost into the top-middle window. If you don’t have Photoshop, check out the free graphics editor GIMP.
  • Step #3: Submit your image to me by email.

Requirements for submitted file:

  • While the file can of course be edited and saved in RGB, visually, everything should remain in black and white.
  • Retain the size of 1920×2900 pixels.
  • Retain the exact same filename and file type: the-windy-ghost-house.jpg
  • You may only submit one image for one entry (one entry per person).

Bonus #1: If you’re curious in knowing and following the visual style, I was going for a Night Gallery esque water color painting look, but not quite so abstract.

Bonus #2: Feel free to sign your work at the bottom in the dark area with white text. I’ll create a gallery of all submissions. Note: The original image used for this project was found via public domain.

Selection & Prize

On March 10th, the team and I will vote on the image we like most. I’ll then ship a mystery bundle of Halloween goodies to the winner.


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The Windy Ghost House

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