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#PumpkinLog Entry #8: The End

Dead Pumpkins

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They didn’t make it. 😢

Beyond all the stuff that happened to them as I last reported, it looks like I simply planted them too late in the season. I planted them at least 1 month too late, if not 2-3 months too late! Over everything else, that seems to be the most important step (or in this case, misstep), and there’s no hard and fast rule for when to plant them; it’s different for every location and every type of weather.

This was my first year, and as someone who needs to learn by doing, I expected to have some pitfalls and learn about different nuanced aspects of the process, and I sure did, so it’s progress. Hopefully I’ll do better next year and the year after and so on. I’m terribly impatient though, so maybe I’ll try to grow one inside?

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