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#PumpkinLog Entry #2: Planted the Seeds

Pumpkin Log: Planting Seeds

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Planted them damn punkin seeds. Here goes nothing!

Bonus: Here are my test-run pumpkins:

I kept reading contradictory statements surrounding growing pumpkins. On one hand, that they’re super delicate and need to be carefully watered and managed and then on the other, that they’re super resilient. I read a few comments of people who had planted them and then totally forgot about them, only to find that they were still growing strong years later, all on their own.

After doing a test-run of pumpkins where I just neglected them, I think I finally get it. Sometimes ya gotta do it yourself to understand. So, yes, pumpkins are super resilient and in a lot of circumstances, you certainly could just plant them and walk away, and surprise surprise, you’ve got pumpkins one year.

However, the almanac isn’t about the survival or even general care of what you’ve planted; it’s about the absolute best possible conditions to get the best possible results: size, shape, color, etc. I planted the test-run pumpkins 3 months ago! That means that they should be just about ready for harvesting. While they did fine surviving naturally all on their own, I don’t exactly have anything to carve there yet, now do I?

So, for my official patch, I’m going to upgrade my TLC. 🧡

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