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Noseybonk Will Eat Your Soul! (And Educate Your Children)

Noseybonk Jigsaw

So, you’re probably wondering who the freak is in the picture above, wearing a smart evening tails suit, bow tie, white gloves and a nightmare inducing mask.

A serial killer from a new found-footage horror film?

A long forgotten maniac from a low budget early 80s slasher?

A rejected costume concept for the Scream movies?

No, that’s just Mr. Noseybonk, a comedy sketch character from a kids TV show I watched when I was young. VERY young. The programme was called Jigsaw and it was aimed at children who were just starting to learn the basics of reading and writing. Noseybonk would appear in outdoor cut scenes acting crazy and helping viewers to create and spell words through his actions. He unnerved me back then and I can’t say I’m all that keen on him now either.

Mr. Noseybonk

I mean look at that monstrosity! … He was always jumping out from behind things or emerging from public toilets, and don’t get me started on the phallic nose and unsuitable name.

He has a bit of an online cult following these days and you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the modern youtube videos and pictures fans create tend to portray him in a far less jolly way. In one clip he decorates a cake with a freshly removed human face!

1980s childhood, never a dull moment.

Mr. Noseybonk

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