My First Trip into Wolfenstein

Wolfenstein Graveyard

If you could simplify my life into one simple idea, it would be very much like the character in the classic Twilight Zone episode “Time Enough at Last.” I’m not very fond of society in general and at least once a day, I find myself thinking “There simply isn’t enough time in the whole world.” I think this when thinking about all the movies and TV shows I haven’t watched yet, the video games I haven’t played, the books I haven’t read. As I get older, the more I realize how important stories are to me, a deep passion really.

Wolfenstein is without a doubt, one of those many stories that had been put on the back-burner for years now, that I knew I wanted to eventually get to. My first exploration into this universe recently was Wolfenstein: The Old Blood. While I read that none of the original id founders (creators of the original Wolfenstein 3D) were still at the company at the time of the latest game’s creation and found that a bit disappointing, I still definitely enjoyed the experience.

I’ve been killing Nazi zombies for years now, but I have to say, killing some Nazi humans has been a pretty delightful change of pace. However, as evil as Nazis are, that doesn’t inherently make it relevant to a horror site such as HL. But, to my surprise, and with the game already being plenty scary (and challenging on the most difficult setting), near the end of the game, elements of horror and the supernatural with zombies and monsters came into the fold, making it very appropriate for HL readers.

I’ve always appreciated all the hard work developers, designers, and artists put into the daunting amount of detail contained within video games. I especially love gothic scenery in games, like old cemeteries. I like walking around and looking at everything, soaking in all the macabre goodness. And, when it comes to modern games, I even get to take some snaps along the way. Enjoy some of the weird shots I took in the gallery below:

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