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My Favorite Horror Movie Moments of All Time: Number 35 — Carrie 1976


To celebrate the journey toward Halloween 2014 I’m going to do something I’ve wanted to attempt since I first started writing here on Halloween Love … put together a definitive list of my personal favorite horror movie moments and scenes.

I hope you will agree with some, maybe raise an eyebrow at others and fingers crossed a few will be pleasant surprises.


35 : Carrie 1976 : Slaughter At The Prom.

The bucket of pig’s blood hangs empty, its contents deposited onto the head of a shy and unassuming 17 year old girl named Carrie White. Unfortunately for everyone involved in the prank (and just about everyone in the hall attending the school prom), Carrie is becoming a woman … and along with the normal changes that brings she is also experiencing the emergence of some potentially devastating telekinetic powers that are about to be fully unleashed for the first time.

“They’re all gonna laugh at you!” … The laughing didn’t last long!


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