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Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a special slice of nostalgia for me.

What I loved as a child I can even appreciate more as an adult, considering I actually get a lot of the references and jokes this time around.

Many of the episodes can be found on Netflix and a good handful of them are available on Instant Watch.

What are your favorites?

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  • Randy Meyer

    The ones I remember fondly, mainly because I recorded them on VHS when I wasn’t home, are “The Amazing Colossal Man” & “Earth vs The Spider.” I loved the little shorts they did before the actual movie. The speech short before “Earth vs The Spider” was especially funny. I was happy to find that on youtube. There is debates on who was better, Mike or Joel. In my opinion, I liked Joel. I wonder what he’s doing now? At least we have RiffTracks to fill our need of MST3K.