Mondo Launches Shining-Inspired Apparel and Home Decor Collection!

MondoLocated in Houston, Texas, the Mondo Gallery has become one of the leading purveyors of cool horror shit in recent years, and they always seem to have their finger directly on the pulse of what us fans are craving.

After making a name for themselves with limited edition, fan-created posters worth splurging on, Mondo has branched out in more recent years, offering up everything from VHS tapes to vinyl records. True, their offerings tend to be quite expensive, and so limited that it’s hard to even get your hands on them, but there’s no denying that Mondo is one seriously kickass company.

This year, Mondo teams up with clothing company Middle of Beyond for perhaps their most awesome line of products to date, inspiring by the carpet pattern seen in The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel. If you’re asking me, the hexagonal carpet is as iconic a piece of the film’s imagery as any other, and to my delight fans have for the last several years been working the pattern into all sorts of different products, from beanies to socks, iPhone cases to pillows.

Today saw the launch of the incredibly cool Shining-inspired line, which they’ve dubbed the Mondo 237 Collection. Though the six products in the collection aren’t going to ship out until August, pre-orders for each of them have begun, and the line includes both apparel and home decor.

Check out the full Mondo 237 Collection below!

Overlook Hotel


Overlook Hotel


Overlook Hotel


Overlook Hotel


Overlook Hotel

2′ X 3′ DOOR MAT – $85

Overlook Hotel

4′ X 6′ AREA RUG – $300

It must be noted that the sweater and cardigan each come with a die-cut Room 237 key, while supplies last. Sizes on both run from XS to 3XL.

The highlight of the collection, for me at least, is the door mat and area rug, as I’m not sure I’d be able to pull off rocking any of the apparel. I’ve long been waiting for a company to come along and actually use the Overlook carpet pattern to make floor decor, and though both the mat and rug are a bit out of my price range, I’m not sure I can resist splurging on at least one of them. Can’t really put a price on the awesomeness of bringing a little bit of the Overlook Hotel into your own home!

Head over to Mondo’s website to place your pre-orders and remember, all products in the collection will begin shipping out in mid-August, so you won’t have to wait very long to get them.

Also be sure to poke around Middle of Beyond’s online shop, as they’ve got all sorts of fun products of their own, including Cthulhu and Bigfoot cardigans and ugly Christmas sweaters!

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