Mondo Celebrate the GREMLINS Franchise with Two Incredible New Posters!

Mondo Gremlins And Gremlins 2 Alternative Poster Art 2016

Awesome new Gremlins poster art being revealed at the start of December? I like your timing Mondo!

It’s always been one of my favorite festive movies, and this first piece by the constantly brilliant Matt Ryan Tobin is just dripping with atmospheric magic. Tobin is the master of dark detailed artwork, and the subdued red lighting instantly made me think of Christmas.

Mondo Gremlins Poster Art - Matt Ryan Tobin

Mondo are also showing some love to Gremlins 2, with this stylized masterpiece by Glen Brogan. All of the crazy mutations and transformations are featured, and it kinda makes me wish someone would make a Gremlins cartoon show. How has that not happened?

Mondo Gremlins 2 Poster Art 2016

Because it’s Mondo there is a good chance it will be fucking impossible to purchase one of these before they sell out, but I’ll punish myself and try anyway!

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