Mainstream vs Underground Horror

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When people think of horror movies, they think of theatrical releases. You know… long lines, popcorn, the rustling of candy bags, and slight mumbling before the movie begins. Going to the movies used to be an experience. Almost as if time stopped and you ventured into another dimension.

Of course, because of covid, that experience we all loved came to a halt. A lot of us have resorted to catching theatrical releases on streaming services in the comfort of our homes. Is that such a bad thing though? Especially for horror lovers?

Seeing as I’ve seen through about 90% of Netflix’s horror category, I needed some new movies to check out. So I dived into the likes of Tubi, Shudder, and Amazon Prime Video. The gems you’ll find on these services are immaculate! I love watching the low-budget, B-horrors that were shot with a DSLR, topped off with CGI and a few practical effects. Most of the time these movies have a lot more character and pizzazz than your typical big-budget film. Big budgets are cool, but the plots are pretty predictable, the jump scares are obvious. I mean, it’s no fun.

Now don’t get me wrong, the mainstream horror game has had a few releases that have been pretty out-of-the-box such as Hereditary and the recently released Malignant. However, in my opinion, most mainstream flicks are just not topping the uniqueness of the underground horror movie community. A few of my current favorite underground horror movies are Sound of Violence (slasher/horror), Dave Made a Maze (comedy/horror), and one of my long-time favorites Last Shift (psychological/horror). All of these movies were incredibly one-of-a-kind and kept me guessing what was going to happen next in every scene. Check these out and tell me what you think!

Nonetheless, I do still enjoy checking out what the big-name producers and directors have going on. It’s just something really special about those underground movies with an up-and-coming cast and an unheard-of production company. It’s almost like shopping for clothes at Goodwill. Yes, the clothes are washed out and they’re not on display at a mall, but they have a certain coolness about them that you noticed, felt, and wanted to attach yourself to.

Do you prefer mainstream horror films or underground motion pictures? What do you like and dislike about both?

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