Let’s Take a Moment to Worship Frazetta’s from Dusk Till Dawn Poster Art

Frazetta From Dusk Till Dawn Poster Art

From Dusk Till Dawn was released TWENTY ONE years ago today!

Where the FUCK does the time go??

I still remember seeing it on the big screen like it was yesterday, and it remains one of the most unexpectedly awesome movies I’ve ever experienced. I went in thinking I knew what sort of film I was about to watch, but I was wrong, SO wrong! Robert Rodriguez basically stitched together two very different stories, and the end result was bizarre but also quite brilliant.

To celebrate this anniversary I thought I would share Frank Frazetta’s gloriously epic poster art for the film, which is one of my all-time favorite horror movie paintings. Poor health meant Frazetta couldn’t have the art ready in time for it to be used as the official poster, but Rodriguez made sure it got plenty of exposure over the years, and I’m very glad he did.

This is my kind of masterpiece …

Frazetta From Dusk Till Dawn Painted Poster Art

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