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Kickstarter Love: Nevermind


We absolutely love Kickstarter projects around Halloween Love, we really do. I want to start trying to do my best to help support the horror community more and those projects that I think have great potential.

I’ve personally backed Nevermind, a horror video game that knows when you’re scared and reacts accordingly, getting more difficult as it would in real life to escape danger unless you can keep a clear head.

I wish I could pledge more, but every little bit counts. There’s only one week left. I recommend to our readers to check out the video above and if you like the idea, if possible, consider helping to back the project with your own money too. And if that’s not an option, helping to spread the word is a great way to contribute as well.

UPDATE — Unfortunately, they didn’t meet their goal. However, I think that only means a delay, not that the project won’t happen.

UPDATE — They went back for a second try and were successful.

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