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It’s ALIVE! — The Royal Mint Create a FRANKENSTEIN 200th Anniversary Coin

The Frankenstein £2 Coin From The Royal Mint

In recent years, The Royal Mint here in the UK has really made an effort to produce coins that commemorate and remember important anniversaries and events, and I’ve noticed that coin collecting has become a seriously popular hobby again for many Brits.

Our 10p, 50p, and £2 coins are large enough to allow surprisingly detailed designs to be placed on their reverse faces, and they make the most of it with several new editions being released every year. From James Bond to the Olympics to Paddington Bear – it’s reached a point where you always have to glance at your loose change, just to see what visual delights are lurking behind the Queen’s head. Plus, a select few are actually quite valuable and can be sold on eBay for many times their actual worth.

Collecting coins and then NOT spending them has always felt a bit weird and unnatural to a penny-pincher like me, but this year the Mint released a new £2 coin that instantly caught my eye, and we’re going to have a better a look at it here today. The coin celebrates the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and does so in a really dynamic, modern, and cool way. Here is what the designer of the coin (Thomas T. Docherty) had to say about the style he used:

As this is the anniversary of Mary Shelley’s novel, I really wanted to get a feel for the original story. I am passionate about typography, and for a coin celebrating her story it seemed appropriate to create a design made up of words – extending to the full title of The Modern Prometheus. The creature is lifeless, brought to life, then returns to death. I was inspired by the ECG, the jagged pulse of a heartbeat – before the name there is nothing, then the spark of life, which dies to nothing once more.

Frankenstein £2 Coin - Face Detail

I LOVE the fact that one of the most iconic and classic horror stories ever told has been honoured and remembered in this way, and yes, for the first time ever I actually paid for a coin to just keep and enjoy. I don’t think I’ll be making a habit of it, but the presentation booklet it came sealed in was worth paying a little extra for, and I didn’t want to wait and just hope I would find this monster in my pocket one day!

Frankenstein £2 Coin Gift Booklet - Page 1

Frankenstein £2 Coin Gift Booklet - Page 2

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