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Amnesia Collection Giveaway β€” Happy Halloween!

Amnesia Collection Art

The winner is Pat Nolan! Congrats!

Some years back, I had a very specific goal in mind, to find the scariest video game EVER MADE. One that didn’t let up, that was absolutely brutal and relentless. What I discovered was Amnesia. I was not disappointed; it required several panic attacks to make my way through. If this isn’t the scariest game ever made, it’s at least in the top 5 scariest of all time (I still need to write that article).

And for the record, when I say scary, I mean scary, not like disingenuous tagline bullshit on movies that we see so often, “Scariest Movie of the Year!” I mean, a physiological mind-fuck. I mean, about half of you reading this right now might not actually be able to make it through the game, or at least not without needing to set it down and take a break every now and then.

Good? Good…

How to Enter

In order to enter for a chance to win a key for Amnesia: Collection on Xbox One, follow these 3 steps:

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Step #2:

Follow our own @martynuk75 and tweet a Happy Halloween! to him. He could really use some positive energy from the universe right now. 🧑

Step #3:

Comment below to let us know what the scariest game is that you’ve ever played.

Winner Selection

I’ll randomly select one winner tonight, on this, the spookiest of all days.

Have fun and good luck! Happy Halloween!


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