I Think I’m Paranoid

Living Dead

As of lately, I feel like I’ve walked into a parallel universe. Yes, I do love The Twilight Zone, but I don’t enjoy aspects of my day nearly blending into an episode.

You see, the fear of the coronavirus has everyone in my sleepy little town in Florida in a panic. I was at both Walmart and Publix this week and shelves were empty of pain medication and toilet paper. Even cans of SpaghettiOs, my one guilty pleasure, were starting to dwindle. It’s truly strange what behaviors paranoia will bring out in your neighbor. If this is just a taste of the beginning of mass hysteria, I don’t want to taste the final dish.

Now, since hurricanes are a threat every year in Florida, I’m no stranger to seeing empty shelves at the grocery store (it’s the one time of the year that I buy SpaghettiOs). The fact that I witnessed this eerie emptiness on a normal weekday is what I found unnerving. The talk of quarantine is even spookier. Even the term itself seems displaced. It makes me think of Anne of Green Gables visiting her friend who has been confined to her home because she has consumption (that’s tuberculous for anyone who doesn’t enjoy period pieces).

All of this lunacy reminded me of the classic end of the world movies and with that, I knew that a binge-watching list had to be made in honor of the coronavirus. After all, what else are you going to do if you’re quarantined? You’ll need a list of movies that depict how most people feel the future will unfold. Of course, the zombie apocalypse is the natural progression of the coronavirus.

2020 Coronavirus Binge-Watching Movie List

28 Days Later

This doomsday horror film features a world where everything is going wrong because of the outbreak of a contagious virus. The cast must try to avoid infection while zombie mayhem ensues. Peaky Blinders fans will appreciate seeing Cillian Murphy on the big screen.

Although it’s been 18 years since I saw this movie in theaters, I still recommend it. You may pick up a few zombie-fighting survival skills.


This one may hit a little too close to home as it is about a viral outbreak and is complete with hazmat suits and quarantines. Although it doesn’t include zombies, this ’90s classic deserves your attention. Who can say no to a movie starring Dennis Hoffman and Morgan Freeman?

Dead Alive

If you’re hankering for a zombie movie that makes you laugh, then this movie is for you. It’s both repulsive and lighthearted and produced by Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame.

Night of the Living Dead

This ’60s classic is the granddaddy of all zombie movies and has a special place in my heart, or should I say psyche because I first watched it as a child. While not as gruesome as the flicks of today, the idea is still terrifying. How would you feel if a pack of zombies showed up at your door?

The Monster Are Due on Maple Street

This is one of the best Twilight Zone episodes and shows you just what mass hysteria can do to a group of friendly neighbors. Yes, it’s not a movie, but my editor gives me a fair amount of artistic freedom, so it made the final cut.

I hope you enjoy the movies on this list. At the very least, you can be grateful that zombie-infected blood isn’t coursing through your veins.

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