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I Love Halloween

Happy Halloween

Welcome to my Halloween appreciation blog.

The title says it all.

Here’s a list that comes to mind of why I ♥ Halloween:

  • Halloween is my favorite day of the year and holds very fond memories.
  • It’s nostalgic.
  • It’s weird.
  • It’s creepy.
  • It’s fun.
  • It’s atmospheric.
  • I ♥ the sight and smell of Fall.
  • I ♥ the color of the outdoors during Fall.
  • I ♥ the commercial colors as well: black and orange (hence my name Black Orange).
  • I ♥ dark, moody, depressing, melodic, haunting, and Halloween music.
  • I ♥ horror movies.
  • I ♥ to scare and to get scared.
  • I ♥ people that ♥ Halloween. That understand that there is something primal about fear and thrills and death and the nostalgia of it. That there is just that extra indescribable little dash of magic that only Halloween holds.

Be sure to let me know what you ♥ about Halloween.

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Crypt Keeper at Halloween Love
I ♥ Halloween. I am the creator, editor, and keeper of Halloween Love. Although you'll find new creeps about helping me to maintain these macabre archives of dread. Reach me at black@halloweenlove.com.

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  • Dana Pugsley

    I love the fact that there are many adults who still love to dress up! I lived on Long Island and saw the Halloween Parade in the village every year ( after my kids were grown)! I especially love the excitement as the people gather to watch the parade go by. Even on a smaller scale, it is always nice to see that people enjoy the creative, unusual, an even the same old classic costumes! Halloween has and always will be my favorite holiday of the year.

  • Nina

    I love Halloween, always have and it’s growing every year for me. I live in Sweden where Halloween is just something for kids and not even that much. A few kids dress up and go bus eller godis (trick or treating) and they knock on -10 doors and half of the doors that actually open doesn’t even know it’s halloween. It’s really depressing for a person like me. I do my own Halloween candy and decorations. I probably buy more pumpkins than all of my neighbourhood do all together. I love fall and all that it brings. I’m not a party women, (yeah, I’m a 23 year old women, leaving by the countryside in a cozy house with my husband I have dogs and cats), I’m more of a family type of girl. I love mystic and myths about different creatures, I’m actually writing my own fantasy book. Anyway, to sum up, I love Halloween, I love being creative, but my depressive country is bringing my Halloween spirit down and my wonder is, how do you stay in Halloween spirit when it all feels so depressing and how do you celebrate it at home with you husband?