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Good Grief: I’m Finally Ready to Try Making Spooky Shirts the Right Way!

I’ve tried every way to make shirts, except for, well, the right way! I’ve messed around with Zazzle and experimental concepts like Bonfire, all to no avail. The problem with using third-party sites like Zazzle is that shirts are way too expensive for buyers and still, the designer only gets maybe a $5 cut if […]

The Depressing State of the Horror Community

The horror community, we’re a ferociously passionate bunch. And contrary to what most outsiders might think of us weirdos who are obsessed with horror movies, we’re not violent, evil people. We’re often very sweet and kind people. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we push ourselves to be […]

Open Invitation to Anyone Who Wants to Write for HL

Last week I opened up about the realities of running a small entertainment website. This week, with all the cards on the table, I send out an open invitation to anyone who’s ever wanted to write about and find an audience for spooky subjects. But, before anyone jumps in head-first, let’s make sure you’re not […]

Halloween Love Doesn’t Make Money

We’ve always been pretty transparent about what it is Halloween Love is all about. While we’re absolutely for-profit, that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s ever been any or that without it, we wouldn’t go on. We’ve always been a poor man’s entertainment site, a community for starving artists and weirdos, if you will. While all the […]

Here it is… the 1000th Post on HL!

No explosions or confetti or cake, sorry. Just a simple thank you. Thank you to the writers for writing. Thank you to the readers for reading. Just the other day someone made an offer to me to buy up ol’ HL, but you see, the thing is, no one is here for the money (not […]

I Love Halloween

Welcome to my Halloween appreciation blog. The title says it all. Here’s a list that comes to mind of why I ♥ Halloween: Halloween is my favorite day of the year and holds very fond memories. It’s nostalgic. It’s weird. It’s creepy. It’s fun. It’s atmospheric. I ♥ the sight and smell of Fall. I […]