Horror Con Girls

Over the long, cold winter something popped up on the internet that helped heat things up a little and I am so grateful. It’s called Horror Con Girls and it’s basically pictorial evidence that the horror girl of your dreams really DOES exist!

HCG Logo

The best part about Horror Con Girls is that it’s run by women who are into horror. While there are so many cliches of women in scary movies out there I’d like to think that HCG views the subject a little differently. It isn’t all about skin tight Freddy sweaters that have been ripped to shreds. Sure, that has a place. But what about competent, accurate costuming and makeup? What about original characters and content? That is what HCG represents. Women in the genre who cover the entire spectrum from showing flesh to showing wounds.

Do YOU want to be a Horror Con Girl and represent your own unique spin on things? All you have to do is apply by sending a message to the Facebook page.

Who knows? You may just find yourself being HCG Girl of the Month! Be sure to check out all of the lovely ladies and spread the website and Facebook page accordingly. Celebrate the women of your nightmares every day of the week!

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