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HL Christmas Countdown: Crazy Mulder and Scully Pictures That Belong in The X-Files!

Halloween Love Christmas Countdown - Dec 5th.

December 5th.

We are only a few weeks away from the return of The X-Files!

Mulder and Scully are about to go searching for the truth all over again, but before the new series arrives we need to stop for a moment and appreciate just how dedicated Duchovny and Anderson have been over the years. They would do ANYTHING to make sure The X-Files succeeded… and that included taking part in some of the most wonderfully bizarre photo shoots I have ever seen.

The truth is “OUT THERE” – and so are these pictures!!

Crazy X-Files Cast Photos - Pic 1

Even the T-1000 wasn’t immune to the insanity… what the FUCK is going on here?!
Crazy X-Files Cast Photos - Pic 2

WHITE… SO much white.

Crazy X-Files Cast Photos - Pic 3

Nope, a blue filter doesn’t help.

Crazy X-Files Cast Photos - Pic 4

What the hell?! Are they trapped in some kind of giant terrarium?

Crazy X-Files Cast Photos - Pic 5

The truth is Photoshop! Scully meets ROBO-Mulder.

Crazy X-Files Cast Photos - Pic 6

OK… that’s more than enough crazy for one day.

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