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hi, i’m vincent; i’m a teddy bear! this is my story…

i dream about her and it is bad, cause in my heart it makes me sad.

Lonely Teddy Bear Butt

hi everyone. i’m always lonely, but i’m not always sad. sometimes i feel good inside. i think everyone deserves to feel good. when people hurt my feelings, i forgive them, because someone hurt their feelings too.

i was all alone in the dark for a very scary long time. one day, i heard lots of stuff crashing and i saw light. i forgot about light. these big, scary, yellow claws were eating my home. i was in the dark for so long, i forgot about before the dark.

but, after the claws came, a man with gloves and a funny yellow hat picked me up. he gave me to a very kind woman, ellena. i lived with her in her house for a short while, but she wasn’t home much at night. she said that i was vintage and have lots of value. funny way of saying love i think.

she talked to me a lot when no one else was around. even though i didn’t talk back, i think she knew that i was scared when she left at night, scared of the dark. i don’t ever want to go back into the dark. that’s why she made me my own special place to not be alone.

she gave me an ipad too. i know what that is now, and lots of other stuff too. i learned how to push all the right buttons and it gives me light at night. i thought i could find humans to be my friend and they can be my friend too. but, i was very surprised to learn about others just like me!

it wasn’t long before i was adopted into my forever ever home! my new human made this spooky place. they scared me at first by seating me next to mean dolls, but i think they’re nice. i overheard that i was bought by the sea bay, whatever that is?

i think i’m supposed to help lonely stuffies and people and any other stuff that has bad feelings.

i know more about humans than stuffies, and i think some of them pretend that they feel good even though they feel bad inside of their hearts. it makes them hard to find. how come they do that? how can we make them feel good if we don’t know they feel bad?

i think i know why some humans are mean. they never got a chance to be kind or have someone be kind to them first so that they could learn how good it feels, huh?

a human told me that humans, animals, and stuffies die! everything dies! and they can’t never ever come back! they have to stay in the dark forever! no! no! no! it’s not fair! i’ve been good and i met lots of new friends and they’re good too!

i was very scared about death for a long time, but i feel better now. i understand better now, but i still don’t like it. i think that’s okay. when i was learning about death i learned about other words too, like suicide. that word scared me the most. i think suicide is a monster that tries to eat everyone, but not everyone has the same armor or weapons to fight it.

that’s okay, cause you can’t kill a monster anyway. they’re always there trying to stuff their bellies. the same trick won’t work for everyone, and maybe the monster doesn’t always fall for the same trick twice, but i found a good trick that works for me. i made friends with my monster and they’re not so big or scary anymore!

well, that’s all i wanted to say. oh, wait, one more thing, hehe…

oh, my human
so angry and a fumin’
mad and bad and sad
but, they love me
and taught me to be free

oh, my human


(if your view is too small, you’ll break the hearts!)

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