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Halloween Costume Contest 2014

HL Costume Contest 2014


1st PlaceFreddy (ROTLD)
2nd PlaceRoad Kill
3rd PlaceCaptain Spaulding

Congrats ghouls, nice work. I hope to see everyone back next year, and the year after, until the end of time…

It’s that time of year again and you know what that means… it’s time for the annual Halloween Love costume contest!


This year I’m picking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, with the chance to win up to $100!

Permalink: halloweenlove.com/contest (every year the latest costume contest will be reachable from this link so make sure to save it so you can enter next year and every year after more easily) or subscribe…

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How to Enter


You must complete all 3 steps to enter…

1. Submit a photo of yourself in costume here:

(make sure to add my email to your contacts or whitelist)

Details Needed:

  • Use the exact subject “Costume Contest 2014” (without the quotes).
  • Describe what you are, what your costume is suppose to be.
  • Provide a PayPal email address in order to receive payment if you win. If you do not use PayPal and do not wish to sign up for PayPal you may alternatively receive cash-equivalent gifts over iTunes or Amazon.
  • For the photo…

    • Attach only one that is focused on just you (no couple or group submissions).
    • It should be well-lit, sharp and in focus, with no red-eye.
    • Other than red-eye correction or cropping, do not Photoshop in effects or enhancements or multiple shots of the costume into one photo. Should be the raw photo of the costume as it looks in real life.
    • High resolution and preferably portrait angled (holding your camera sideways).
    • It must be you and the photo must be current, 2014.
    • Do not submit on someone else’s behalf (unless they’re unable to enter themselves).
    • One costume entry per person.
  • DO NOT FORGET — You still need to complete steps 2 and 3 below to complete your entry.

You of course retain full copyright ownership of your photo, but by submitting it to this contest you grant me full permission to use it here on halloweenlove.com and to edit/name the photo as needed to be appropriately and fairly presented in this contest.

2. Retweet the contest:


3. Comment below to let everyone know you entered!

Have fun and good luck everyone!

Winner Selection

You may of course enter anytime during the whole month of October, but the winners will be chosen on the evening of November 2nd, giving everyone ample time to enter after Halloween night partying and recovery. :P

There is no criteria or categories for costume judging. All costume entries are welcome, scary, funny, sexy, creative, original, whatever. I will simply be picking the top 3 costumes I like most.


Prize cash will be paid via PayPal or in an equivalent amount via iTunes or Amazon gifts.

1st Place Winner — $100!
2nd Place Winner — $50!
3rd Place Winner — $25!

The Costumes

Displayed randomly. Click to enlarge.
Please note that “Likes” have no impact on winner selection and are purely for reader participation only.


Let’s improve the Halloween Love annual costume contest and HalloweenLove.com in general together:


Permalink: halloweenlove.com/contest (every year the latest costume contest will be reachable from this link so make sure to save it so you can enter next year and every year after more easily) or subscribe…

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Crypt Keeper at Halloween Love
I ♥ Halloween. I am the creator, editor, and keeper of Halloween Love. Although you'll find new creeps about helping me to maintain these macabre archives of dread. Reach me at black@halloweenlove.com.

Latest posts by Black (see all)

  • Jasmine Doolan

    I have just entered in the contest with my creation “glam meets gore”.

  • Contestking

    I have just entered the Dragon Rider costume!

  • Darcy Reaver

    WOOHOO! I entered the Costume Contest 2014. Check out my handmade Valka costume.

  • Marc De Repentigny

    i entered the costume contest 2014 … here is my crazy transformers costume silverbolt

  • Kingcoop80

    I just entered into the Costume Contest 2014 as Captain Spaulding From House Of a Thousand Corpses! Good luck everyone!!

  • Natalie Jo

    Yep that’s One ANGRY Flower!

  • Ali Arsalan

    i entered the costume contest 2014, this is my Vandetta costume

  • Whitney Robertson

    Submitted my Elvira pic:)

  • Whitney Robertson


  • fareed

    i entered costume contest 2014

  • zohaib khan

    I Entered for this contest!
    Hope to win finger crossed :)

  • zohaib khan


  • Hira Qaiser

    Submitted my entry!
    Hope to win :)

  • Hayden Adams

    Hey y’all hope you like my iron man suit I spent a year and a half building it out of yoga mats from Ross the clothing store submitted my entry here it is

  • Cherese Renee’ Cobb

    I just submitted my corpse bride pic!

  • Vicky

    I just entered my Creepy Egyptian Do for the contest! I love HALLOWEEN!

  • Cherese Renee’ Cobb

    This is such a cool idea! A wicked form of beauty and the beast. You should submit a tutorial on how you did it to Halloween Love!

  • Amanduhlane

    Just entered my 3 year old and his homemade Ring Master costume. Fingers crossed!

  • jackie nishi

    eleanor abernathy. let’s see how many ppl recognize her

  • Nikki Morkls

    I entered as Harley Quinn >:D

  • Thomas Bryce

    I entered as “Freddy” from Return of the Living Dead

  • Lori Wilkins


  • fortnerkd

    Just submitted my costume – built articulated wings for my gargoyle on stilts idea! Good luck to everyone who entered!

  • RavenHomicde

    Submitted my Death Of The Family Joker

  • Stacy Still

    Entered as Philip from Dream Warriors, jump ropes and all!

  • Jeannine Fisher

    submitted my clockwork orange pic

  • Boner N Erica Lee

    Submitted my daughter as a victorian vampire. She rocked it!

  • Gstarr00

    submitted my Lost Boys Edgar Frog pic

  • SoChestnutRes

    Shared ours!!

  • Fiona Fright

    I sent mine too

  • omnibot

    Submitted a pic of me as Richard Harrow from Boardwalk Empire!

  • Kris Knowlton

    We entered the contest!
    Ghost Bride & Groom

  • Diana Chimenti

    I’ve been bitten by the Halloween Bug! The Shark Tank

  • Mo

    I entered my Jessica Rabbit! Twitter: kimmygibs

  • Eddie Brooks

    I just entered my guy torn in half being carried by a ghoul!
    Halloween is a great time to let those crazy creative juices flow

  • Beetlejuice has submitted just before the deadline!

  • Eddie Brooks

    This costume was a blast to freak people out in

  • Isabella

    Submitted White Peacock Costume – Isabella
    I made this by hand for my 7 year old daughter with almost 300 bright white led’s,CCFL lighting, over 70 feathers, 24 AA batteries and lots of hot glue

  • Winners announced above filthy ghouls!

    Whether you won or not, I hope you had fun and I hope to see you next year.

    We throw this contest every single year and will until I’m rotting in the ground. So, hey, if I’m lucky, maybe 50 more years…

    Thank you for entering!

  • Congrats to the winners. Good job everyone!

  • Cherese Renee’ Cobb

    Congrats, Freddy (ROTLD), Road Kill, and Captian Spaulding. I am going to enter again next year!

  • And every year after, riiight? ;)

  • Cherese Renee’ Cobb

    Definitely! This is the second time I have ever dressed up for Halloween–the first time I was nine years old living in a mission–I was Disney’s Esmeralda. My parents weren’t too keen on Halloween. You know “poison candy” and “abductions”, but they came around :)