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Halloween Blu-ray Box Set Giveaway

Halloween Box Set Giveaway

Commenter Jon Correia ( #comment-1480961565 ) won!


If you didn’t win, and now intend on making your pre-order or if you intend on ordering at a later date, make sure to use and spread this link to your friends to send some love our way:


Thank you!

Finally, the definitive Halloween box set is coming and on September 1st, 2014, one lucky winner will be walking away with that pre-order (a $120 value) for free!

And the rest of you, while sad that you didn’t win, and since you’ll no doubt be pre-ordering it anyway, will make your pre-orders through our Amazon affiliate link (https://amzn.to/1ne6bZN) in order to send some love our way and help support our hungry writers, and continue to bring you weird content, fun games, and always amazing contests and giveaways, right? :P

How to enter? — All you have to do is join the discussion on Halloween666.com. That’s it! Simply leave a comment (or several) to share your excitement (or criticism?) about this new release.

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