H.R. Giger: A Tribute

Giger Tribute

Legendary artist H.R. Giger has passed away at the age of 74.

I first became aware of his work in my very early teens when a shopping trip with my family led me to start exploring the depths of a local book store. At the far end was a large display unit that held the bigger coffee-table style books and among them was something that instantly caught my eye, quickly followed by a “Please can I have this” heated discussion with my Mum.

The book in question was ‘Giger’s Alien’ … I was a huge fan of the original Alien movies and without properly understanding what the book contained I grabbed it simply due to the amazing cover art assuming it was some kind of visual guide or story book. Of course what I got was far more special than that and it began a love affair with Giger’s work that just grew with each passing year as I discovered and learned more about the man and his talent.

I still have the book to this day, a few pages are loose and the corners are a little bent but that is simply due to just how often I have read through it over the years and will continue to do so.

I leave you with some of my favourite images featuring Giger working on Ridley Scott’s masterpiece, and also some of his incredible design artwork. Giger was so much more than ‘The guy who designed the Alien’ … but if the general public are going to remember you for something, that’s quite a special something indeed.

HR Giger Tribute 1

HR Giger Tribute 2

HR Giger Tribute 3

HR Giger Tribute 4

HR Giger Tribute 5

HR Giger Tribute 6

HR Giger Tribute 7

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