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Extrasensory Interviews: Open Invitation

Into the Unknown

I love learning, about everything really. Sometimes, what you’re after can’t be satisfied by simply reading and requires more exploration. And sometimes, like in this case, you’re not even really sure what you’re after and are just exploring for exploration’s sake.

Originally, I planned on creating this interview series by seeking out and interviewing individuals, one-by-one. But, I’ve decided that simply publishing my 20-point interview here as an open invitation for anyone who’s compelled to answer the questions, to do so, is a better approach.

These are intimate questions, but there’s no judgment here. I will never be so arrogant as to decide that one thing is science fiction, while another is science fact. I believe that even the smartest person alive today is too stupid to know anything definitively about the unknown, so I certainly make no declerations. I will simply pose the questions and see what answers come through.

All interviews will be published anonymously (unless the interviewee would like to be known). That is, instead of publishing your name or even a pen name, interviews will be labeled by the ability of the person answering the questions.

If you would like to participate, simply send me an email with the answers to the questions below. Do not send any attachments. Supply your answers, numbered 1-20 accordingly, in the body of your email message.

Thank you.

The Questions

  1. Pick a # between 1-13.
  2. How would you identify? Of course we’re all more than just one thing, but within the scope of this interview, would you identify as someone who’s simply different from the average person, very eccentric, maybe even a psychic or witch, or further, a vampire, werewolf, time traveler, or anyone with extrasensory perception or otherworldly capabilities?
  3. At what age did you first discover that you were different from those around you? Was it a gradual discovery or an all-at-once revelation?
  4. Did others notice that you were different? Among your people, your tribe, your circle, whatever you want to call them, your friends, family, and peers, are you considered weird or strange, a black sheep?
  5. What about you made you different from others? There are of course 5 main senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell) that we’re all aware of, but there are actually many more than that that we know of, and likely more still to be discovered. Additionally, we know that some people born with some senses and not others, are able to compensate with heightening the senses that they do have. A “6th sense” is a bit of a misnomer considering the average person has nearly 2 dozen senses, but for the sake of simplicity, would you consider that you have a main “6th sense” in particular that’s especially powerful or senses that are more heightened than the average person?
  6. Whether you have extra senses or merely heightened ones, would you consider it a positive or negative on your general quality of life to possess them?
  7. Can you recall a time in your life where you received great compassion and vice versa, a time where you showed great compassion? Please explain.
  8. Can you recall a time in your life where you received great cruelty and vice versa, a time where you showed great cruelty? Please explain.
  9. What is the most intense physical pain you’ve ever felt? What is the most intense emotional pain you’ve ever felt?
  10. Most people need a balance of both alone time and a time surrounded by others. Which do you prefer?
  11. Have you ever met anyone so similar to you that it was frightening?
  12. Are non-human animals, dogs and cats for example, perhaps even those that are normally skittish or warm in the presence of other strangers, either receptive and affectionate or fearful toward you?
  13. Have you ever had a lucid dream, a dream where you woke within a dream and your conscious mind knew you were dreaming in order to lucidly and freely explore your subconscious mind?
  14. Have you ever used psychedelic or hallucinogenic drugs?
  15. Do you believe that somewhere, in all the known and unknown universes, that there exists other intelligent life?
  16. Have you ever had a near-death experience?
  17. Do you believe in anything considered “supernatural” or at least not yet explained by science, be it a god, ghosts, demons, etc?
  18. Are you generally content with your life and the world around you, or do you find that you seek more knowledge, perhaps even enlightenment? And note, enlightenment isn’t necessarily exclusive to spirituality or religion.
  19. Free writing. Please free write for 1 minute.
  20. Pick a # between 1-4.

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