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Dialogue to Die For: The Exorcist 3 Carp Scene

The Exorcist 3 Carp Scene

In these bite-sized posts I’m going to be sharing my favorite moments from horror movies that don’t involve killing and violence. These moments are all about character interaction, wonderful writing and magical performances that linger long in the memory.

Today we start with that beautiful and highly amusing scene from the Exorcist 3, where Lt. Kinderman (George C. Scott) reveals to his good friend Father Dyer (Ed Flanders) why he is reluctant to go home …

Maybe you should go home and rest.

I can’t go home.


The carp.

You know, I thought you said…

My wife’s mother is visiting, Father. And Tuesday night she’s cooking us a carp. It’s a tasty fish, I have nothing against it. But because it’s supposedly filled with impurities, she buys it live. And for three days it’s been… swimming up and down in my bathtub. Up… and down. And I hate it. I can’t stand the sight of it. Moving its gills. Now, you’re standing very close to me Father, Have you noticed? Yes… I haven’t had a bath for three days. I can’t go home until the carp is asleep. Because if I see it swimming, I’ll kill it.

Dialogue To Die For : The Exorcist 3 Carp Scene

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