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Dead Air — The Last Bit of Noise on a Dying Medium

Dead Air Radio

Technology continues to progress exponentially, with technologies becoming dated quicker than ever before.

Fax machines abandoned in way of email.
Payphones and landlines abandoned in way of mobile phones.
Phonebooks abandoned in way of Google search.
Blockbuster storefronts and cable abandoned in way of Netflix.
CDs abandoned in way of iPods.
Film cameras abandoned in way of digital cameras.
Print media abandoned in way of digital media.
Radio abandoned in way of iTunes.

The list goes on and on.

I personally haven’t watched TV or listened to the radio (nor the commercials that come along with them) in many years, considering that with Netflix streamed right to my TV and my iPod jacked right into my stereo, I can watch and listen to exactly what I want and only what I want, whenever I want. No waiting on anything, no compromises, period.

Radio especially, has always been pretty shitty, not the technology itself, which is extremely important, but commercial stations only playing the most popular, “radio-worthy” songs. Meaning only hit singles from obvious stars of the genre, whether rock, rap, country, whatever station make it to listeners. Worst yet, they play the same songs over and over, never allowing for more interesting, obscure, or even other songs off the same albums that they only play two or three songs from to be heard.

The last time I even listened to the radio, just about the only thing I could stand listening to was the classical station, or some really cool and obscure AM channel, that depending on where I was at the time, I might sometimes find.

Despite all that, I do sometimes miss these old mediums, commercials and all. There will always be something romantic and nostalgic there, something special to be found. And if you search hard enough you can still find channels worth listening to, far and few between.

Dead Air would be one worth giving a listen (I’m listening to it now). A wonderful Halloween music and sound radio channel for the month of October, playing until Halloween.

Old-schoolers, if you’re driving the desert roads north of Los Angeles at night, tune into 98.3fm for a creepy good time.

New-schoolers (and everyone else in the world), listen via online streaming at radiodork.com.

Old school meets new, enjoy ghouls!

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