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Halloween Music, Dead Air Style

While I understand the allure of online music playlist streaming services, personally I prefer listening to music knowing there’s a human at the other end. Someone shaping the listening experience in real-time. Tweaking segues,  overlapping sounds, matching tempos or contrasting them, blending themes, coloring the presentation with interstitial sound and talk, and even mistakes. That’s what makes


Listen to Halloween Radio While You Read

UPDATE — Dead Air is now a dedicated, year-round Halloween radio station. Enjoy! At the top of the page you’ll see that you can click on Listen While You Read, which will pop up a new window with a player so that you can listen to Halloween-themed radio continuously in the background while navigating throughout

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Dead Air — The Last Bit of Noise on a Dying Medium

Technology continues to progress exponentially, with technologies becoming dated quicker than ever before. Fax machines abandoned in way of email. Payphones and landlines abandoned in way of mobile phones. Phonebooks abandoned in way of Google search. Blockbuster storefronts and cable abandoned in way of Netflix. CDs abandoned in way of iPods. Film cameras abandoned in