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Countdown to Friday the 13th: My Top Five Posters — Tuesday

Friday The 13th The Final Chapter

Monday has come and gone and we are three days away from another Friday The 13th! … Each day this week I’m paying tribute to this legendary date by revealing my top five favorite Friday posters, and in fourth place I’ve chosen the classic and memorable poster for Part 4: The Final Chapter.

This image is actually one of the earliest memories I have when it comes to ‘discovering’ Friday The 13th and Jason. It was used heavily in computer game magazines here in the UK to promote the release of a game based on the movie and being a kid who was obsessed with spooky stuff and monsters I instantly wanted to know more about this terrifying mask and the character who wore it …

I still have the advert to this day (see below) … A great poster AND a great movie!

Friday The 13th Part 4 Poster

Friday The 13th Game Advert

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