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Countdown to Friday the 13th: My Top Five Posters — Monday

Jason Takes Manhattan Poster

We are at the start of a week that ends with a Friday The 13th … and to celebrate I’m going to countdown my favorite five Friday posters, starting today with Jason Takes Manhattan.

Part 8 is very much a guilty pleasure for me. It has energy, a solid cast and some excellent kills. Budget limitations meant it could never be the movie that many probably imagined in their heads before release but I’ve enjoyed it since I was a young un’ …

I love the lighting in this image and Jason looming over New York … EPIC!

It was a poster that I managed to pick up when my old VHS rental store was finished with it and it lived on my bedroom wall for several years back in the day. Loved it then, love it now.

Friday the 13th Part 8 Poster

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